India has come a long way in the healthcare segment, especially for the past couple of decades.  A society for which  even the basic sanitation was a distant dream, we now boast of most modern medical facilities, though only in major cities. Rural areas are still lagging behind in per capita spending in healthcare. In terms of modern equipment and technologies, there is lot of catching up to do.

Sedaxis aims at closing this gap and familiarise the industry with new and modern technologies in healthcare. We are here to bring about a paradigm shift in the perception of care giving, both to the giver and the receiver. Patient comfort and comfort of those caregivers are our priority.

Major areas of our focus are patient handling, rehabilitation – neuro, ortho and cardiac, mobility support etc.  

One major thrust area is making uses of 3 D printed models and surgical aids to help pre-surgical preparations, patient education, academics etc. 3D Printed implants and prostheses too are a major attention area.